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Active Impact Fund II is an ESG focused venture capital fund that targets local opportunities. Four areas of investments include: 1) Clean Energy & Transportation, 2) Smart Infrastructure, 3) Sustainable Food & Water, and 4) Circular & Sharing Economy.


Acuva Technologies Inc. designs, develops and manufactures advanced UV-LED systems for water, air and surface disinfection applications around the world. The Company was founded in 2014 with the mission to address current challenges and barriers to safe drinking water, Acuva has grown into an international team that spans the globe.


Adolus Technology Inc. is a software development company focusing on partnership with global authority on software intelligence for critical infrastructure. The Company offers an easy to use platform that aims to unite users, vendors, and integrators to form a trust-based information-sharing community while collecting “fingerprints” of original data from vendors before official general release. Adolus’ proprietary software, FACT, can quickly compare fingerprints to see if transmitted files are identical to the original.


Audette is an enterprise software company focused on reducing carbon emissions from commercial buildings. Audette’s proprietary software aligns building owner’s energy efficient capital projects with carbon reduction strategies. Audette’s mission is to turn commercial building upgrades into carbon reduction projects, accelerating the global transition to a carbon neutral economy. Its target market includes private corporations and government entities with building portfolios if more than 20 properties.

Cedar Coast

Cedar Coast is a Vancouver, BC based real estate development and investment firm with a 20-year track record of successful outcomes throughout the Pacific Northwest. With their experience in the real estate and development industry, principals Ender Ilkay and Willie Fisher have approached each investment decision with a long-term view of creating winning outcomes for their investment partners, team and the communities in which they invest. This approach has contributed to the substantial growth of the company, while staying true to the principals that built it.


Crush Dynamics™ is an innovative agritech company based in British Columbia, Canada, focused on the transformation of grape derivatives and other agricultural side streams into high-performance food ingredients using patent-pending targeted fermentation. By pioneering a new, biomechanical process, the company harnesses the power of polyphenols for food innovation while improving the sustainability of the global food chain. Through natural, proprietary upcycling, we transform food to taste better, be healthier, and always be cost-effective.


CryoLogistics is a shipment technology company offering a solution to ship perishable goods with precise temperature control from source to destination. The shipment goods will be kept safe, secure and traceable throughout the supply chain while lowering overall carbon footprint.


CuePath Innovation is a healthcare technology company focused on resolving medication non-adherence. Its mission is to bring peace of mind to caregivers by improving the quality of life of patients. CuePath couples its Medication Adherence as a Service (MAaaS) platform with its call center-based Adherence Support service. It manages patient adherence data that helps its’ home health partners identify a ‘change of condition’ and effectively resolve problems that impede adherence.


EnWave Corporation is a Vancouver-based advanced technology company developing commercial applications for its proprietary Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV™) dehydration technology. EnWave aims to sign royalty-bearing commercial licenses with leading food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cannabis companies for the use of its revolutionary technology. The Company has so far signed over twenty royalty-bearing licenses, opening up eight distinct market sectors for commercialization with companies.


Flow Capital LP operates as an investment firm. The Company specializes in providing revenue-linked capital to emerging growth businesses and an institutional advisory sales platform providing pension funds, charities, and endowment clients with access to leading institutional money managers from around the world. It empowers companies with flexible venture debt and growth financing solutions. Flow Capital provides founder-friendly growth capital to leading tech companies.


Greenlane Renewables is cleaning up two of the largest and most difficult-to-decarbonize sectors of the global energy system: the natural gas grid and the transportation sector. As a leading global provider of biogas upgrading systems, Greenlane’s solutions create clean, low-carbon renewable natural gas (RNG), suitable for injection into the natural gas grid and for direct use as vehicle fuel. With multiple core technologies, more than 110 systems in 18 countries and counting, and 30+ years’ experience, Greenlane finds the right solution, whatever the specific project requirements.


Longbow Capital Inc. is a venture capital fund focusing on late venture stage and high growth stage companies. The fund targets to provide equity and equity-like investments, primarily in technology, infrastructure and associated products and services that will benefit from the disruption and opportunity created by Energy Transition.


Pangaea Ventures was established in 2000. They invest in companies solving fundamental problems in the world such as climate change, food/water insecurity and poor health outcomes. It looks for companies with hard tech solutions. It is an impact investor and a hard tech investor. Their unmatched materials network spans multiple industry verticals and includes twenty-five major multinationals as Strategic Limited Partners.


TIMIA Capital LP provides growth capital loans to growing B2B SaaS and software enabled companies. They use a proprietary tech-enabled lending platform to streamline our processes so you can quickly access the capital needed to meet business objectives. Their team has a diverse range of experience in tech financing and entrepreneurialism so you can rest assured we’ll keep the best interests of your business front-and-center.


Vistara Capital Partners LP provides highly flexible debt and equity financing for tech companies across North America. Vistara’s typical investment size ranges from $5 million to $20 million per investment for companies with $10 million+ in revenue. Managed and funded by seasoned technology finance and operating executives, “Vistara” (sanskrit for “Expansion”) is focused on enabling the growth and expansion of companies it partners with through its group of funds under management.



VoltaGrid is a Houston-based private company that has developed an innovative low-carbon solution to generate on-site electricity for oil and gas, mining, utility and other industrial power consumers in North America that require large temporary and/or mobile power solutions. VoltaGrid is led by a proven management team of industry executives, including the CEO, Nathan Ough, who was an original co-founder of Certarus Ltd. The VoltaGrid electric power solution has several significant benefits over current power options on the market including: (i) further reducing GHG emissions associated with fracking by over 30%; (ii) providing more reliable and flexible operations with reduced downtime compared to alternative electric systems; and (iii) materially reducing the capital costs associated with building or converting existing frac spreads to eFrac spreads.